Technical characteristics

REvolution No.3 is available in 3 different formulations with different viscosities: Normal, Medium and High.

Glue is packed in 3 different packaging bottles (removable small &big cap ) of 110 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml , with quality labels, special easy to use and reusable sponge, each bottle in a ziplock plastic bag. Delivery in cardboard boxes, on pallets.

For orders bigger than 1000 liters customers can ask for a specific viscosity & color & fragrance & elastic modulus of the adhesive film. Also we agree to associate REvolution No.3 trademark with customer trademark and print new customized labels (minimum 10000 pcs).

REvolution No.3 glue it is designed to have a specific adherence to blade and rubbers in order to be easy to peel off and easy to clean without damaging the surfaces.
The elasticity of the remaining film ,the mechanical interface between blade and rubbers it is controlled under certain limits in order to make a perfect connection between the two surfaces and improve dwell time and restitution of ball .
The method of applying the glue is really simple with the reusable sponge and is improving the quality of the elastic film : uniformity ,thickness ,elasticity (modulus).
The glue is having a self leveling effect .Normal use and storage at temperatures between 15-30 Degrees Celsius. Resistant to two freeze -thaw cycles at -15 Degrees Celsius .
We supply glue with 3 different viscosity (or specific viscosity on request ) :normal,medium or high .
We can supply on request specific viscosity ,different colors and fragrances to cover ammonia smell,or latexes with no amonnia treatment .
MSDS and TDS available for customers on request.