Elasticity of Glue-Peeling Off

REvolution No. 3 – Elasticity of Glue – Peeling Off

This short movie is showing how REvolution no. 3 glue looks after it is applied and how to peel it off from the blade and sponge surface.

The same procedure is applied to another one the result being the same: the glue is very simple to peel off.

This is how REvolution no. 3 looks and works!

This interface is very elastic and of course is helping to improve the ball control, the spin and the speed.

After peeling off the sponge remains clean and absolutely perfect to be used again.

It is obviously for anyone that the elasticity will help in obtaining best results.

Let’s see first how the glue looks after it is glued. So we are trying to peel the rubber and it is really very simple to peel so the other ends of the glue is not so hard – we cannot damage the blade or the rubber. Now we will peel of the glue starting from one side.

The initial glue was not so thick but as you see we can peel it without any problem and the glue film is very elastic so is improving the quality of the ball bouncing, spin and control. The blade is really clean and we not have any problem in damaging the blade. Same with the other one: very simple to peel off.

Let’s see how much glue we have on this one. This is how REvolution no. 3 looks and works.