Gluing Pimple-In rubbers and testing

REvolution No. 3 – Gluing pimple-in rubbers and testing

REvolution No. 3 – Gluing pimple-in rubbers and testing (Short Form)


For normal use we recommend 1-2 layers on rubbers ,1 layer on blade. For professional use we recommend 2-4 layers on rubbers ,1-2 layers on blade.

  • 1) Let droplets of glue drop all over the surface of rubber or blade .
  • 2) Use the sponge to make an uniform ,consistent white layer of glue on each rubber and each side of blade. .If it is too much use the sponge to take off a quantity and put it on another surface. If it is not enough just add some glue on sponge. You can do that whenever you want : glue will not coagulate.Glue of normal viscosity is self leveling .
  • 3) After you used the sponge wash the used end of the sponge,squize off water (or use a towel) and let it dry .
  • 4) Let dry glue on rubbers and blade naturally or use a hair drier untill perfectly dried.
  • 5) Use the other end of the sponge for the next layers of glue;wash the sponge and squize water and let dry for nwext use .So on untill you obtain your desired numbers of layers.
  • 6) Use the Revolution No. 3 roller to assembly rubber on blade including contour of blade.
  • 7) Use REvolution No.3 scissors to cut perfectly rubbers on contour of blade.
  • 8) Use kant tape to protect blade and rubbers.Use protection foils to protect rubbers.
  • 9) Use a REvolution No.3 racket press for best results(for the night or few hours ).

Keep in mind that glue is the third part of your racket and the quality of the remaining elastic film (adherence,thickness,modulus) depends on how accurate you worked on assembly of your racket .
So it will be the quality of ball bouncing.
When you determine your own recipe it is easy to remake it all the time.
So ,you will allways have same weight and response from your racket untill rubbers are totally weared.
Advice: for best result do gluing at home, never in sport hall. Humidity, time pressure and not proper conditions will not help obtaining best result.
Enjoy playing like a pro with REvolution No. 3!