Table Tennis – Sport And Art

Table tennis is sport but the unbelievable facts regarding time for reaction, anticipation, the total infinity of strokes possibilities lead to the conclusion that must be also treated as an art ,with the complex philosophy of an martial art .

This kind of art is specific to Asians especially because of s their social ,history and philosophy related to life mentality for thousands of years .

For them is war ,life and death is not important as honor and the privilege to be appreciated as an art master .

But for performing such a high quality act like a world or Olympic final one player has to be prepared perfectly :

  • physical
  • psyhical
      For this a table tennis player needs :

    • knowledge and the support of a team that has knowledge for training, nutrition, medication
    • quality partners for training
    • physical training for being able to perform a final at 80 % of his full capacity (that makes the real difference +a simple strategy of the game :70% of points are consumed in first 3 -5 balls ,30 % in rallies .
    • the knowledge and understanding that he is mentally prepared to become and remain champion much before the final and that the result by itself is just the consequence of the training program :“How to become world champion and defend your title for 10 years “ ,program that started at age of 5 years and was supported and sustained by his team for years and years .

The program essence Is that the goal is that in all circumstances is to position the ball perfectly .

For this goal all your capacities , mental and physical , more than 95 % are subordinated to this goal ,the rest is completed by art .Because perfection itself, in whatever you do is art.

That is the difference between the Asian approach and results and European approach : for Europeans it is still a contest , fight, sport ,battle but for Asians is the pursuit of PERFECTION .

Being a champion or just winning is a philosophy for educated and prepared sportsmen.