Gluing Long Pimples (Ox)

REvolution No. 3 – Gluing Long Pimples Ox

Long pimples rubbers which are really delicate to be glued and really very difficult to be peeled off.
You can put only 1 layer on the very smooth and delicate surface of the long pimples ox rubber and 1 layer on blade.

If you want better speed you just put 2 or 3 layers on the long pimples.

What is important is that: you can peel it off – which is really, really very difficult for many long pimples rubbers. There is no problem to let the glue on the rubbers or on blade because you have time enough. Is not coagulating and is not drying so you can not adjust the layer of glue with the sponge. I can work a lot and if needed I can glue 10 rackets very very fast. What I recommend is not to glue in the sport hall because moisture and lack of attention and not having enough time will make you not to be very careful on what you are doing. It is really very important that you know exactly how many layers you used for obtaining the best result and this after experiments, after you make 2 – 3 gluing, will help you design your own racket so it will have always same weight, same speed, same thickness of the rubbers and same control and same spin.

Practically the layer of the glue is like an active supplementary rubber between blade and sponge.

There are 2 surfaces that must be connected and REvolution no. 3 is doing this in the most proper way. Because you have an elastic surface of wood, but a different elasticity than the elasticity of the rubber and between them you need a connection which you saw it is very elastic, tough elastic and could be design the thickness as the player wants.

First I have to glue the soft rubber on forehand. Because I don’t want to damage the surface of adhesive I have to protect it with some release foil that is having silicone on it, so the adhesive is not adherent on it – as you see. For better fitting the rubber I can take off the protection foil or I can keep it depends on the rubber, depends on type of protection foil (being a Chinese foil, Chinese rubber, I prefer to take it off). As you remember that is a surface, that is a rubber made by gluing top sheets on sponge and this rubber was pre glued 1,5 – 2 months ago and now it is ready to use.

The REvolution no. 3 roller which is design to obtain the perfect match with the rubber and the blade. I will fix it carefully and than use the roller to glue it.

Now the surface is glued as you see. The adherence is ok and I can cut it. I prefer always to make something like this on the margin just to obtain a better contour for the rubber and you can see how good it is. Another tip, small tip but valuable is to use the right scissors – the end is small in order to cut small and the arm is big in order to have enough force to cut it, so cutting with this kind of scissors is easy. The layer of adhesive is very elastic. Now I will put the protection foil back on the rubber. It doesn’t matter how it looks as long as it works and I will cut it to obtain a protection foil. Let’s see how the pre glued layer of adhesive looks after several months. As you see it is elastic and it will be the same on my rubber and on my blade. Very simple.

So now there are some more tips for gluing long pimples: the best way is to use a silicone protection foil to do this. You just fix it on the glue and let the margin that you have to fix near the handle. Like this you will fix it without any problem. So you have to take care of this part which is more delicate and hard to obtain the best fit and than slowly you take it off and let a small surface of glue uncovered and let it drop on the blade simple taking it off again, releasing another surface, tapping slowly to glue it.

longpimples9As you saw the most delicate surface of gluing is long ox pimples on blades because sometimes the adhesive being too thick is not uniform and some of the pimples are not at the same level with the others.

By this system you always will obtain a perfect surface and as promised: perfect surface of long pimples.
Every players with ox long pimples knows how difficult is to obtain such a surface and how difficult is after you used some long pimples to reuse it without damaging it on a different blade or on the same blade.

Again take a look on the quality of gluing and of glue itself.

If one wants more speed can add more layers of glue.

I will cut it and now you have a perfect long pimple racket.