Why REvolution No. 3?

First revolution was speed glue, second was banning of speed glue (manufacturers improved a lot rubbers and blades to obtain almost better results than speed glue) and REvolution No. 3 is bringing back the importance of glue: the third active part of the racket!

REvolution No.3 is the new generation of elastic table tennis glue, the most advanced and performing water based table tennis glue.

The most important characteristic of your racket is dwell time (impact time of ball with racket on your strokes) and REvolution No. 3 and method of gluing adjust and control dwell time. Once you choosed your blade and rubbers you have an active, controled element to adjust the response of your racket to your specific strokes: the thickness of your elastic adhesive film.

REvolution No.3 adhesive film it is tough elastic , with controlled modulus of elasticity, with no permanent deformation. Any other glue has also plastic properties . The dried glue is forming a compact propulsive layer of natural rubber with a specific thickness , compared to a rubber balloon elasticity (like the old speed glue).

The adhesive layer is influencing and adjusting the dwell time of the racket specific to any player

That is the most important and specific characteristic that is making the difference.

The role of this film is not just to keep the rubbers glued on blade but also to make compatible the elastic characteristics of the 2 different materials : blade and rubbers .Everyone understands that this elastic layer is the right solution for better speed and spin.

Let’s remember:

Speed glue

Studies are demonstrating that the right speed glue effect was obtained after 6-8 layers of speed glue applied on sponge (Facts about speed glue by Georg Nicklas, Thomas Kraus ,Konrad Tiefenbacher – http://tensor.de/files/facts_about_speedglue.pdf )

This appreciated effect that changed table tennis had 2 components :

  • The improved spin & speed effect induced by use of chemicals (poisonous ,dangerous solvents ) on treating sponge and determining a temporary extra tension of rubber (dimensional increase of surface and modifying the mechanical characteristics of rubbers)
  • The good feeling & spind and speed effect of the intermediate elastic layer of natural rubber adhesive of specific thickness for the best propulsive response (too thick no click ,too thin not right elastic properties )

Banning of speed glue (VOC FREE Glues)

  • The pretension effect (improved spin & speed) induced by use of chemicals(solvents ) ,greener but not totally green, with long lasting effect, applied in factory combined with use of better materials and improving the technology .
  • The good feeling & spin and speed effect was neglected since everybody thought that the role of glue it is just to glue and that’s it .

No matter what glue is used since the rubbers are glued on blade .

All manufacturers considered that the quality of the new rubbers will compensate speed glue effect and they asked for glue with very good adherence …

but …..

Players wanted to feel the right speed ,spin and feeling they have been used with .

Players wanted to peel off rubbers , to have and keep spear rubbers at same weight and qualities even if rubbers are worn out and they damaged rubbers,blade or own fingers making efforts for nothing .

They were not satisfied with the fact that using same set up the feeling was not the same and sometimes was really worst .They spent a lot of money and time on testing adhesives that are :

  • no feeling at all
  • too adherent and /or after time not adherent at all
  • are not dried after long period of time
  • are drying to fast and can not obtain a good surface
  • are too soft or too hard and/or can not be peeled off from blade and of course rubbers
  • not resisting freeze or high temperatures they just coagulate in mass .In fact almost all glues are not allowed to be exposed less than +5 Degrees Celsius and many had a problem with transportation(pay money for nothing )
  • not resisting storage even for few months ,they loose properties or just coagulate
  • not allowing any correction of mistakes like too much glue or missing gluing the rubber on the right contour of the blade
  • really messy with the small sponges applicators or damaged tables,textiles ,etc
  • once opened they start coagulation and brushes applicators are not useful anymore
  • having big caps that you have to take off and so permit contact with air and after 2-3 applications the rest of the glue can not be used anymore
  • not taking care of nature

and now we have REvolution No. 3 and gluing method & accessories which is the only glue & method that is totally doing the task

The good feeling & spin and speed effect in the right way :

  • the remaining film of Revolution No. 3 ( elastic , tough elastic with the right modulus of elasticity) is the correct interface between two complicated materials with different mechanical (elastic ) characteristics :blade with different low elasticity with sponge and rubbers with different (more elastic ) properties .The REvolution No. 3 makes the connection between two elastic surfaces by borrowing to each surface part of the characteristics of the other
  • correct adherence to rubber and blade in the right limits allowing easy peel off without damaging anything
  • thickness control of the elastic layer gives everybody a fine instrument to make any set up fit to any style of playing to any player ,improving the feel ,spin ,speed and control
  • easy to use: the design of the bottles with small twist cap is permitting using of a controlled quantity by putting droplets of glue all over the surfaces . Also contact with air is avoid and all the messy problems related
  • low tension self leveling effect to obtain a very uniform surface
  • the sponge is specially designed for easy handle and can be reused indefinite just by washing it in due time, before coagulation occurs (10 -15 minutes ). Dry the washed end and meanwhile use the other end of the sponge .So one sponge can be used for ever and the glue goes on rubber and blade not on sponge so it is more economical to use this glue in comparison with others .Nature is protected .
  • very economic :bottles of 110 ml at same price with 90 ml competition bottles ,enough to glue 20-30 rubbers on blades
  • for REvolution No. 3 coagulation occurs after longer periods of time in comparison with any other glue. Storage is better and easier.
  • you can let dry naturally or use a hair drier for faster drying but natural drying is recommended for best quality surface of the elastic, active remaining layer of rubber.
  • quality control for all bottles and same physical and chemical characteristics guaranteed (viscosity,elasticity,adherence )
  • quality R&D activity based on continuous improvement principle : 230 formulations tested in lab and with all level players for 3 years
  • no coagulation mess when using at any time you can correct the quantity and the surface
  • freeze –thaw resistant :2-3 cycles at -20 degrees Celsius and than normal temperature and glue is having same qualities
  • no VOC, water based, guaranteed for 2 years for correct storage
  • normal,medium and high viscosity formulas available with self-leveling effect , low tension, better control on quantity and uniformity of layers and bigger economy.
  • Marketing colors and fragrances available for customized inquires .
  • always obtain same results,guaranteed ,by controlling the quantity applied and the thickness of the elastic layer .
  • any player can adjust the feeling to its needs : if not satisfied with the speed and spin ,gently take off rubbers from blade ,do not peel off adhesive and add one more layer on rubber and blade .
  • any player can keep the adhesive fresh on his rubber by protecting with protection foil and just use it in the sporting hall anytime (after few months ) just adding adhesive on blade .You can change fast your set up like this at any time and make tests easy and enjoyable .
  • is the only adhesive that can glue top sheets on sponge same quality as factory gluing .
  • is the only adhesive that can be peeled off from long pimples Ox without any damage to rubbers.

Easy to use ,with a special designed sponge for obtaining accurate thickness of a very elastic layer of rubber between blade and rubber for better speed, spin and control.

Easy to peel off, clean, green, good adherence coming with full technical support for use by pros or any table tennis player.

Speed glue, banning of speed glue and now REvolution No. 3 glue generated real revolutions in developing table tennis game and materials.

Remember: REvolution No. 3 glue is the third part of your racket and the knowhow to use it in perfect synergy with the blade and rubbers pushes your performance to the next level.

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