Gluing Top Sheets on Sponge( Especially for Chinese users)

REvolution No. 3 – Gluing Top Sheet on sponge

REvolution No.3 is the new generation of elastic table tennis glue, the most advanced and performing water based table tennis glue.

It is easy to use with a special designed sponge for obtaining accurate thickness of a very elastic layer of rubber between blade and rubber for better speed, spin and control.

Easy to peel off, clean, green, good adherence coming with full technical support for use by pros or any table tennis player.
REvolution No. 3 it is the only water glue that can be used for gluing topsheets on sponge :

  • Use the sponge to put an uniform,consistent white,self leveling layer of glue on sponge.
  • With the remaining glue on sponge put glue only on pimples of topsheet starting from top ,left to right in layers of sponge width up to bottom of topsheet .It will remain white spots on pimples so it will be easy to observe if you need more glue or not .If more glue is neeede you can just take a little bit from the glue layer from sponge or let some small droplets of glue to be absorbed by the sponge. For this unscrew small cap of the bottle and let few droplets to be absorbed by sponge. Repeat if necessary untill you are sure taht you covered the whole surface of pimples .The secret is not to use too much glue in order not to fall between pimples.
  • Let dry completely, naturally.
  • After completely dried put carefully the sponge on topsheet pimples (never topsheet on sponge ) by folding sponge in the middle and fixing the margins to fit and letting fall the sponge from middle to margins on topsheet.
  • Use your hands to gently press the sponge on topsheet .Never use rollers .
  • Use heavy books to press over night the sponge on topsheet pimples for the best adherence .
  • New rubber can be used as usual but keep in mind that you can reuse the sponge which will be not damaged at all on peeling off and it will always look brand new after peeling off both sides.

More than that :the glue between pimples and topsheet will be elastic and the feeling will be more close to european &japanese bouncing.

Speed glue, banning of speed glue and now REvolution No. 3 glue generated real revolutions in developing table tennis game and materials.

Remember: REvolution No. 3 glue is the third part of your racket and the knowhow to use it in perfect synergy with the blade and rubbers pushes your performance to the next level.
Enjoy using REvolution No.3 for your favourite sponge & topsheet combination for longer time, always same quality for sponge ,not damaged at peeling off ,clean and easier to obtain bew rubber combinations.