Gluing with Adhesive Film -Factory Tuning

REvolution No. 3 – Gluing With Adhesive Film -Factory Tuning

Practically the layer of the glue is like an active supplementary rubber between blade and sponge.

There are 2 surfaces that must be connected and REvolution No. 3 is doing this in the most proper way. Because you have an elastic surface of wood, but a different elasticity than the elasticity of the rubber and between them you need a connection which you saw it is very elastic, tough elastic and could be design the thickness as the player wants.
Now I will demonstrate to you how REvolution no. 3 gluing sheet can be used in gluing the rubber.

So for factory tuning or just for anyone that wants not to wait too much to glue his rubbers we made a very elastic and delicate film, that is having 0.5 mm thickness, that can be used already to glue on rubber, just not making the entire process of gluing.
We will use very few droplets of glue to obtain a thicker surface on the delicate surface and after drying we will add this adhesive sheet (this can be used also for the long pimples but is not really necessary, this is for tuning in factory).
Second we will take the glue sheet, we take the protection foil off and than put it also on the sponge and after that it can be used like having already the glue on it.
Now you have a rubber that can be glued already – but I will keep it like this, just to preserve it.