Very elastic for better speed, spin and control, the dried glue is forming a compact propulsive layer of natural rubber compared to balloon elasticity (like the old speed glue). Everyone understands that this elastic layer is the right solution for better speed and spin.
Easy to use: the design of the bottles with small twist cap is permitting using of a controlled quantity by putting droplets of glue all over the surfaces . Also contact with air is avoid and all the messy problems related.

The sponge is specially designed for easy handle and can be reused indefinetly just by washing it in due time, before coagulation occurs (10 -15 minutes ). Dry the washed end and meanwhile use the other end of the sponge .For REvolution No. 3 coagulation occurs after longer periods of time in comparison with any other glue. Storage is better and easier.

You can let dry naturally or use a hair drier for faster drying but natural drying is recommended for best quality surface of the elastic, active remaining layer of rubber.

No coagulation mess when using ,freeze –thaw resistant, no VOC, water based.

Normal,medium and high viscosity formulas available with self-leveling effect(normal viscosity) , low tension, better control on quantity and uniformity of layers and bigger economy.
Marketing colors and fragrances available for customized inquires .

Always obtain same results,guaranteed ,by controlling the thickness of the elastic layer .