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ITTF Promo Video: This is Table Tennis!
The International Table Tennis Federation is excited to release its new promotional video: This is Table Tennis!
“This is Table Tennis!”, created by Piing of Power, portrays everything that is great about Table Tennis, why it is one of the most popular sports in the world, and why we love it.


Watch it, share it, like it, tweet it and comment on it. This is Table Tennis….

Learn more about Table Tennis:

  • Table tennis originated in England during the 1880s, where it was played as an after-dinner parlour game
  • International Table Tennis Federation was formed in 1926
  • The first World Table Tennis Championships was in 1924 in London, England
  • The ITTF has 218 National Associations, which is the 2nd most of all Olympic Sports
  • Table Tennis has been an Olympic Sport since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games
  • is the 2nd most popular out of all Olympic websites in terms of traffic
  • Top Table Tennis events are seen live on TV in 110 countries
  • 150 million people play table tennis globally
  • ITTF holds over 70 events a year
  • The ITTF World Tour Final has over US 1 million dollars in prize money
  • On a serve, a table tennis ball spins up to 3000 rotations per minute
  • A table tennis ball can travel up to 160km/h; in a rally this means that a player has less than 0.11 seconds to react

2013 World Table Tennis Championships

  • averaged more than 400,000 unique visitors a day
  • Over 4 million people tuned in on ITTF’s streaming platform itTV
  • 801 players from 128 countries participated
  • Obtained more than 4.5 million views on ITTF’s digital media

About International Table Tennis Federation

The International Table Tennis Federation is responsible for the global sport of table tennis and has 218 affiliated National Associations. Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport, introduced at the 1988 Seoul Olympics Games. Table Tennis is also a Paralympic Sport.

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