Gluing Old Rubbers

  • 1) Take off rubbers from blade by diagonal direction starting from bottom up to top
  • 2) Clean blade with your hand or with special soft abrasive non woven REvolution No.3
  • 3) Do not peel of the elastic glue film .Just add one more very thin layer of Revolution No.3 glue on rubber and one on blade.Wash the sponge to preserve it .
  • 4) Let dry completely.
  • 5) Re-assembly your racket if you wanted more speed : one more layer will give you more speed and spin .Do not forget roller,kant tape,cleaning,protection foil and REvolution No. 3 racket press.
  • 6) If you do not want to use same rubber ,use another rubber for your racket .The old rubber is ready to use to be use on another racket. Just preserve the glue by using a protection foil. Next time you have to add glue only on blade and eventually, very thin layer on rubber.You can use it even after 4 months .

The elastic layer you have on your rubbers must not be peeled off ,it is really helpfull. Only if it is too thick you peel it off. .Peeling off is really easy(few seconds) .