Instructions, Videos & Tips

Full instructions (videos,photos and in writing ) for easier understanding of the importance of the elastic glue feature, corect gluing and using of all accessories REvolution No.3 for best performance of your racket.

Enjoy playing like a PRO with REvolution No. 3 !

Cleaning Rubbers
Elasticity of Glue-Peeling Off
General Presentation
Gluing Long Pimples (Ox)
Gluing Old Rubbers
Gluing Pimple-In rubbers and testing
Gluing Rubbers with Sponge
Gluing Top Sheets on Sponge( Especially for Chinese users)
Gluing with Adhesive Film -Factory Tuning
Pingpongplaza Test Videos
Tips for Professional Use Videos
REvolution No. 3 – Official Youtube Channel