Importance of Glue and Corect Gluing

For many of the players that were using speed glue, gluing was a ritual and they understood the importance of corect in gluing in obtaining better performance. These players they still understand that the glue is very important and they still have their own recipes and technology to glue their rubbers to blade.

REvolution No. 3 is the only glue that makes a perfect connection (by having the right elastic properties) between blade and rubbers which are surfaces with different elastic characteristics.

Now all the rubbers are factory tuned or pretensioned. By adding perfectly designed elastic glue, practically the performance of speed glue is now achieved without dangerous solvents: the secret is the special elastic layer of REvolution No. 3 that gives more propulsion to the ball, more speed and control, acting like a tensed latex balloon –membrane.

The difference in speed and precision, even if it is 2-3% makes the difference between the champions and the others.

Many of the players are highly appreciating the quality of REvolution No.3 glue.

It is elastic, simple to apply and remove and is really adding value to the racket, just offering pleasure for the impressive response and convincing sound, perfectly legal and green.

There are simple elements that a player, professional or amateur, has to take care off on preparing his racket:

-the total weight of the racket has to be always the same. So you need to weight the blade and rubbers before gluing and cutting and always try to choose same thickness and hardness of rubbers. That’s why the blade must be coated or lacquered on the handle otherwise in one year is becoming heavier with almost 5 grams because of the sweat impregnated in handle;

-a uniform layer of glue on blade and rubbers must be applied, thickness and/or number of layers being decision of each player;

-after gluing the racket must be kept in press before playing because the glue must be uniform on the surface in order to have same response;

-if one needs more power or spin just takes off gently the rubbers, taking care not to damage the glue layer and is just adding one more layer on rubber and blade.

Once the recipe was tested just does it again and always results will be the same.Quality and performance of the racket depends on the way we choose rubbers and blade and assembly them with the glue.

Glue is the element that makes compatible two different materials with different elastic characteristics.

What we expect from glue? To apply in a simple manner, no mess, to peel off easily, to improve quality of the racket: speed, spin and control. Thickness and elastic characteristics of the glue are of great importance. Thickness is preferable for the best response to be between 0.05 and 0.08 mm.
The specific low viscosity and the glue self-leveling feature help to design for each player his specific recipe.
If you like more speed just take carefully rubbers off and just add one more layer of glue on blade and rubbers and glue it again, without peeling off. Adherence is just right not to damage rubbers or blade on taking off, the glue can be peel off easily but enough to maintain good contact between rubbers and blade. Keeping racket one night in press will give perfect uniformity and adherence.

Normal use: one layer on blade and 2 layers on rubbers; professional use 3-5 layers on rubbers and 1-2 layer on blade. Best feeling after 1-2 days and will remain exactly the same even for 1 year.
By knowing and applying always same recipe everyone will obtain always same results (weight and bouncing characteristics).

Sponge is designed to easily use it and if washed after use can be reused (much less mess and coagulation) like it is or shortened with scissors.


-weight your rubbers and blade initially and racket before and after gluing and note everything including number of glue layers in order to obtain always same results. Experiment more layers until you are satisfied with results;

-do not glue in sport hall (moisture and less time and attention to details) and let dry naturally completely (glue has to become transparent – no white marks). However if a hair drier is used do not use very hot air;

-use roller to stick rubbers on blade and right scissors or cutter to cut rubbers;

-keep racket in press for the night for the best results.

Enjoy playing like a pro with REvolution No. 3!