REvolution No. 3 Roller & Ball Holder

Special resistant plastic roller, laser engraved with REvolution No.3 logo ,designed to easy use for pressing rubbers on blade and on blade contour . Coming with a special velvet cover for protection and transport . Cover is used also as ball holder(up to 5 balls). Roller is covered with a silicon paper that is used for protection of the glued surface of blade in order to glue both sides of your blade in the same time.Use the silicon protection paper to put your blade with glue on before you glue rubbers on blade and reduce gluing time with 50% . Silicon paper can also be used for gluing the Ox long pimples .

Product Description

Transparent roller laser engraved with logo,silicon paper for gluing and velvet cover that can be used as ball holder (up to 5 balls ) . Diameter of roller is fitting with the dimensions of rubber for best pressing force .